Stainless Steel Spatula

The GMM Stainless Steel Spatula Machine provides an accelerated test of a coatings resistance to the constant scraping of a stainless steel spatula that would be seen in an actual kitchen environment during food preparation. The downward pressure applied on the spatula is controlled electronically, and the pan is maintained at a constant temperature of 400° F (204° C) during the test. GMM documents the number of cycles needed to scrape the coating completely down to bare metal for research and development purposes. Please watch the video below to see the Stainless Steel Spatula machine in action.

GMM - Stainless Steel Spatula Machine

GMM - Stainless Steel Spatula Machine

Advantages Of This Test

  1. Tests resistance to metal utensils
  2. Test is mechanized and non-subjective
  3. Test is very “real world” since the substrate is heated
  4. Can be modified with soapy water to test corrosion resistance

Disadvantages Of This Test

  1. Minor deviations in stainless steel spatula will cause premature failure
  2. Most pans fail on this test very quickly
  3. Hard to ensure consistency with spatulas