Evershield | For Electrical Appliances

EVERSHIELD® is the highest quality 3-coat nonstick system that GMM offers for small electric appliances. EVERSHIELD® transcends typical "internal reinforcing" technology by using nanotechnology to atomically harden the resins that are typically the weak links in the coating system. This breakthrough has given GMM an order of magnitude increase in coating durability, and is the reason that the highest quality small appliance companies are using EVERSHIELD®.

EVERSHIELD® for Appliances enables true metal safety for the ultimate cooking experience, which was previously very difficult to achieve:

It is important to note that if consumers are actively trying to cut the coating, they will succeed because coatings are ultimately engineered plastics. However, in normal metal utensil use, Evershield will allow for years and years of durability:

Please see the below video which describes Evershield in greater detail:

Evershield -Triple Coat

Evershield -Triple Coat