Duraceram | For Cookware

Duraceram® is the highest quality ceramic coating that GMM offers, and is being used by the leading global manufacturers of cookware.

Benefits of Duraceram on Cookware

Duraceram® offers tremendous performance attributes over traditional “PTFE” based coatings, such as:

  • Unparalleled scratch resistance (7-9H pencil hardness);
  • Unparalleled heat resistance (over 900° F);
  • Fantastic bright color choices.

Duraceram® - Cookware performance video

Click on the video to see a clear depiction of the benefits of Duraceram® when applied to cookware.



Questions About Duraceram®

For our clients who do not understand the details about the difference between ceramic coatings, and traditional PTFE coatings, we have prepared a primer on the subject:

What is a ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings are “inorganic” coatings in which A) the base resins are of a ceramic like nature, and B) key reactions forming the main components of the finished film occur in the process of application and curing of the coating.

Why have I heard so much about ceramic coatings in the past few years?

Ceramic coatings exploded in popularity in the last 5 years mainly because of consumer health fears over PTFE based coatings. Although these consumer fears were not based on any real danger, an entire cottage industry was born in order to capitalize on marketing housewares products to consumers who are afraid of PTFE-based coatings.

But are PTFE coatings really “totally safe”?


What about all of those commercials I see on TV talking about the “miracle” of ceramic cookware?

Most of this cookware marketed via late-night infomercial is of a rather low quality, and is not in any way equal to traditional PTFE coated cookware. Be sure to check the online quality reviews of any ceramic coated cookware before you purchase it to see what others think of it.

OK. But aside from fear-based marketing, are there any legitimate advantages to ceramic coating technology?

Absolutely. Ceramic coatings have far higher heat resistance and scratch resistance than PTFE based coatings. Many consumers who consistently use metal utensils, and cook with a slight amount of oil prefer ceramic coatings to PTFE coatings because of these attributes.

I’ve heard that ceramic coatings aren’t as good as PTFE coatings from a food release standpoint. Is this true?

Yes, this is true over the long run. However, for the first year of use the food release will be as good (or even better) than PTFE coatings. The problem with ceramic coatings is that the food release properties are slowly deteriorated over time by dishwasher use. Since most electric appliances do not go into the dishwasher, ceramic coatings have shown great success versus PTFE coatings for electric appliances.

Is there a chance that ceramic coatings will be better than PTFE coatings in all performance attributes, including food release?

Yes, but it may be a few more years before this is the case.

Why is DURACERAM® better than other ceramic coatings?

Because of its higher scratch resistance, and higher operating temperature. Plus, DURACERAM® is much easier to apply on a production like than other ceramic coatings.

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