Cookware Coatings

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GMM offers a wide range of cookware coatings, from entry level “single-coat” systems to the top of the line “three-coat” technology.

In order to maximize the consumer experience, it is crucial to match the quality level of the coating with the quality level of the cookware. There is no point in putting a high quality coating on a low-end cookware set because the inferior substrate will neutralize much of the coating technology benefits. Following this point, a high-end cookware set can easily be ruined when coupled with a substandard coating. Mismatching a coating is a very common (and costly) mistake, and can be easily avoided.

GMM’s cookware coating information can be accessed by the links below, or with the top navigation in the dropdown bar. These pages are designed to be an educational experience; please watch the informative videos (and photo galleries) that are available for viewing on many pages.

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