Scotch Brite Release

The Scotch-Brite Release test is run in conjunction with the Scotch-Brite Abrasion Test Machine. Every 10,000 strokes the abrasion machine is stopped and an egg is fried on the “wear track” created by the scouring pad to measure the extended food release properties of the non-stick system.

Many non-stick coatings show very good release when the cookware is new, but over a few years the release properties diminish very rapidly. GMM scientists document the number of cycles that a coating can endure before the egg sticks to the wear track to determine the quality of a given non-stick system.

Advantages Of This Test

  1. Great test of food release
  2. Intuitively easy to understand
  3. Easy to conduct

Disadvantages Of This Test

  1. Many entry level coatings fail quickly on this release test