Two Coat Systems

Two coat systems are comprised of a primer coat, which provides adhesion to the base substrate, and also a topcoat layer that is responsible for providing the food release. Because each layer has a separate function, the ability for long lasting performance is greatly enhanced.

Please watch the short video below that depicts how two-coat systems are sprayed onto metal substrates, flashed off, and then cured in a production oven.

GMM - Two Coat System Application

GMM - Two Coat System Application

Internal Reinforcing Technology

For the last 10 years, a key way that the durability of 2-coat systems has been enhanced is by utilizing “internally reinforcing” technology. An internal reinforcement is a very small, very hard particle that is added to one, or both, layers of the coating. Standard reinforcements (titanium, tungsten, aluminum oxide, diamond) can help absorb the impact of metal utensils during cooking to a limited degree.

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GMM - Two Coat System Application

GMM - Two Coat System Application