Specialty Products

Soft touch coatings

GMM is a leading supplier of soft-touch coatings. These 2-coat systems are dishwasher safe and can be applied onto a wide variety of substrates such as ABS, PC, Bakelite, as well as pretreated metal. Soft touch technology adds tremendous consumer value to cookware handles and electrical appliance control knobs while offering protection. GMM makes soft touch coatings in any color and also offers differing effects such as:

Spattered look

One color is “spattered” on top of another, creating a unique appearance.

Gradient Technology

One color is smoothly blended into another, creating a very attractive look.

3D Coatings

GMM offers innovative 3D coatings, which utilize proprietary magnetic ion technology to create the illusion of depth in a single coating. These 3D coatings can create very unique and attractive patterns on both metal and plastic substrates. Note that 3D coatings are more decorative than functional, and do not offer heat resistance properties.

Exteriors – for cookware

GMM can make single, two, or three coat systems in any color for the exterior of cookware.

Our exterior coatings technology has unsurpassed resistance to open flames on kitchen stove burners, and has been designed to stand up to the toughest heat standards in the industry. For this reason, GMM exterior color coating technology is routinely employed to replace expensive porcelain enameled exteriors.

Fingerprint proof coatings

GMM offers clear coatings that are highly resistant to unsightly fingerprints. This highly engineered coating is perfect for small appliance manufacturers that use stainless steel and brushed metal for their products. Also, this product is a value add for cookware manufacturers who use polished metal handles which are prone to gathering visible fingerprints.

GMM clients who use fingerprint proof coatings state that the cost associated with adding this onto their products is fully justified by the enhanced consumer experience and ability to charge a higher price at retail.

Decal transfer technology

GMM has pioneered a very unique coating technology that uses water-transfer decals. The combination of a sprayed coating, and a transferred decal can create beautiful wood-grain patterns that can very easily be mistaken for real wood (even though it is a plastic handle).

For high end cookware companies, this technology offers almost limitless potential for consumer appeal and differentiation. Beyond wood grain patterns, GMM has made many other patterns available as well which are highly attractive and colorful.

Plastic coatings

GMM offers a huge range of plastic coatings that are both functional and decorative. These coatings can be made in any color. Plastic coatings from GMM allow clients to produce their injected molded products in only one base shade and then use the GMM coating system to achieve many colors in a far more economical manner.

Plastic coatings offer a wide variety of benefits beyond aesthetics, including corrosion and mar resistance.

Color changing coatings

GMM has an exciting new line of "COLOR CHANGING" technology for the exterior of appliances, as well as cookware handles. These systems change from one color to another depending upon the presence of heat and are very attractive as well as functional. This coating has temperature limitations that prevent it from withstanding food cooking heat levels but is perfect for areas that are not heated over 300° Fahrenheit. You can view a video of this coating in action on the lower left side.

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