ALPHAMAX® is a revolutionary 4-coat system that GMM has created for the highest end of the market. This is the only nonstick coating that outperforms Duramax, and is based upon the groundbreaking “smart reinforcement matrix” that uses nanotechnology to harden resins.

Questions about Alphamax

How does Alphamax differ from Duramax?

The key difference is the presence of the 4th coat, enhancing film thickness to create the longest lasting food release we have ever seen. In the past, these “high build” systems tended to sacrifice abrasion because the coating was too soft. However, GMM has developed a proprietary method to lock all 4 layers together, ensuring both metal tool safety as well as long term food release and dishwasher safety.

Are there coatings out there better than Alphamax?

We have not encountered any in our testing. Alphamax is the highest performing system GMM has ever created, as seen in this video below.

GMM Alphamax - New 4 Coat Version

GMM Alphamax - New 4 Coat Version