Why Specify GMM?


1. GMM's nonstick coatings are as good or (in most cases) better than any other nonstick coating in the world. This fact has been confirmed in outside independent tests as well as in a multitude of internal tests.

2. Our brands DURAMAX® and DURASLATE® are growing in exposure at the consumer level. However, unlike other coatings manufacturers we do not force our clients to pay licensing fees or use our brand names if they do not want to.

3. GMM will custom build a coating to meet the needs of any application that you have. Besides cookware, bakeware, and electrics, we have designed nonstick coatings for everything from copper garlic presses to paper pizza boards.

4. GMM's products are designed to be applied under standard cure schedules and application equipment. Your OEM factory will have no issues in switching to GMM material, and will find no mysteries in getting used to our products whatsoever.

Operationally / Logistically

1. Most companies use Asia-based manufacturers for manufacturing their goods which are then shipped and sold to North American or Western European retailers. GMM's China facility is strategically located near most OEM manufacturers in China. It is very likely that GMM is already selling nonstick coatings to the manufacturer that you are using for your project.

2. We have almost 30 sales and technical service representatives calling on these manufacturers, and we have longstanding relationships that are very robust and helpful in moving things forward, getting shipments out on time, and managing the supply chain.

3. GMM's representatives have your interest at heart. When requested, our personnel routinely act as consultants to your manufacturers to make sure that products are being applied correctly, and that there is no unsafe or non-FDA materials being used in any part of the manufacturing process.

4. Leaving the coating decision up to the OEM manufacturer can be a very dangerous choice if they use non-credible local coatings manufacturers with no global presence. In this case, the lowest price always wins, and almost always means sub-standard quality.

Sales Support

1. GMM's sales team is a great resource to use at the retail level. We have frequently been called on by our clients to attend key sales meetings with the largest retailers in order to educate them about GMM coatings and build credibility.

2. Specifying a coating can be a complex process that involves up to a dozen different companies producing components in a handful of countries which are all assembled at the final OEM vendor for shipment. We have local relationships in every Asian country, and understand the culture and nuances that are required to get things done.

3. GMM moves fast in producing and shipping our products. We move fast in providing tech service and logistical information. And it is likely that emails are answered within a few minutes, and that any document that is required is produced within a few hours. We understand urgency in providing information and support.

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