Duramax | For Cookware

DURAMAX® is the highest quality 3-coat nonstick system that GMM offers for cookware. DURAMAX® transcends typical "internal reinforcing" technology by using nanotechnology to atomically harden the resins that are typically the weak links in the coating system. This breakthrough has given GMM an order of magnitude increase in coating durability, which is why the highest quality cookware manufacturers globally are using DURAMAX®.

Questions About Duramax®

For our clients who do not understand the details of the difference between internal reinforcements and coating resins, we have prepared a brief primer on the subject:

What are "Resins"?

Resins are engianeered polymers that form the main solid component of any coating. Unlike solvents, which evaporate during curing, resins are left behind permanently. These resins are safe for food contact and are inherently quite soft. When you scrape a non-stick coating with a spatula, it is the resin you are scraping.

What is an "internal reinforcement"?

An "internal reinforcement" refers to a hard particle built internally into the liquid non-stick coating. The point of internal reinforcements is to help harden the soft resins so that the coating can stand up to metal utensil use. Examples of internal reinforcements are titanium, tungsten, or even diamond flakes.

Are all "internally reinforced" coatings the same?

Yes, to the extent that they all utilize varying hard substances to try and make up for the weakness of the soft resins. This is the problem because there is a rather low threshold past which the hard particles are useless. To make a slightly exaggerated analogy, imagine suspending many small 24-karat diamonds in a tray of Jell-O and then scraping the surface with a spatula—the diamonds will not stop the cutting and scraping because the Jell-O is so soft. The Jell-O is somewhat similar to a normal non-stick resin, as displayed in the following video clip:

Typical "Reinforced" 3-coat system on cookware

Typical "Reinforced" 3-coat system on cookware

As you can see, the hard reinforcing particles are just scraped off the cookware along with the soft resins when metal utensils are used.

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the science of controlling matter on an atomic and molecular scale and has been used to create breakthroughs in medicine, energy production, and electronics. Using nanotechnology, GMM has pioneered a method of hardening the resins used in non-stick coatings systems, resulting in the breakthrough of DURAMAX®.

How good is DURAMAX®?

To continue the slightly exaggerated analogy used above, imagine taking the tray of Jell-O with the diamonds suspended in it and then transforming the Jell-O into concrete! This is the power of nanotechnology, which results in the hardest and longest-lasting non-stick coating ever made. In the following video clip, the performance of DURAMAX® is shown:

GMM Duramax on Cookware

GMM Duramax on Cookware

DURAMAX® is a coating system which will retain excellent food release and scratch resistance for years and years- up to the life of the cookware itself. In fact, many of GMM’s customers that are using this technology actually encourage the use of metal utensils on their cookware. GMM’s DURAMAX® will meet every need of both the highest quality cookware manufacturer and the most accomplished chef.

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