EVERSLATE® is the highest performance 2-coat system that GMM has created to date. Everslate is based upon the groundbreaking “matrix forming technology” that was pioneered in Duraslate, now with the resin hardening features added as well.

Questions about Everslate

How does Everslate differ from Duraslate?

The core reinforcing technology in Everslate is similar to that of Duraslate, but the key difference is the fact that the resins are hardened using nanotechnology. Previously, this benefit was only available in Duramax.

Is Everslate available in a 3-layer version?

Yes, for certain applications.

Below is a video which shows the performance attributes of Everslate:

Everslate Matrix Technology - New 2 Coat Version

Everslate Matrix Technology - New 2 Coat Version