Position Papers

Every so often, GMM's Research Department will publish a short editorial position paper on a topic that is germane to the housewares industry. Please feel free to download these short essays and let us know if you agree or disagree with the way that we see things developing in the industry.

Look for writings on quality improvements, innovation, branding, pricing trends, long term research, environmental issues/safety, new products and many other topics.

Position Paper Downloads

"Do Values Matter? (A history of the nonstick coatings market)" (PDF)
In this paper, the dramatic changes over the past 25 years in the nonstick coatings market are analyzed.

"Nonstick coating brand relevance" (PDF)
In this paper, the value of branded versus unbranded coatings are discussed, with some very surprising conclusions about what consumers believe.

"How good is good enough?" (PDF)
In this paper, GMM addresses the reasons to continually improve nonstick coating quality even though many coatings are already guaranteed forever.