Everslate | For Electrical Appliances

EVERSLATE® is the highest performance 2-coat system that GMM has created to date. Everslate is based upon the groundbreaking “matrix forming technology” that was pioneered in Duraslate, now with the resin hardening features added as well.

EVERSLATE® for Cookware is a fantastic choice for "day to day" cooking, because of the combination of phenomenal performance and affordability:

EVERSLATE® for Appliances utilizes "smart reinforcements" which lock the 2-layers together, ensuring no scraping off of the topcoat.

For clients who need a refresher on how these reinforcements work, please click here

Please see the below video, which describes Everslate in greater detail:

Everslate Matrix Technology - New 2 Coat Version

Everslate Matrix Technology - New 2 Coat Version