PSI Test

The PSI Scratch Resistance Test is an accepted industry standard for determining the hardness of a coating surface. A ball-point stylus is set at a pre-determined air pressure level, and is then scraped across the surface of the coating film.

If the stylus does not penetrate the surface of the coating to bare metal, the coating has “passed” the test. The air pressure level (PSI) is then slowly increased until the non-stick system is penetrated to bare metal, and this level is documented by GMM technicians to gauge coating film hardness.

Please watch the video to see the machine in action.

PSI Scratch Resistance Test Non Gmm Coating

PSI Scratch Resistance Test Non Gmm Coating

Advantages Of This Test

  1. Non-subjective test of hardness
  2. Quick and easy to conduct
  3. Can be modified to test “hot hardness” at elevated temperature

Disadvantages Of This Test

  1. Does not test reciprocating abrasion resistance
  2. Results may not translate well to intuitive “scratch resistance”
  3. Favors certain types of coatings (such as ceramic.)