Hot Oil Tiger Paw

The hand held “Tiger Paw” device is an industry accepted standard which was designed to test the resistance of a non-stick coating to long-term kitchen abuse. GMM research and development scientists have developed a unique accelerated performance test using this Tiger Paw device. The cookware which is being tested is filled with a thin layer of cooking oil, and heated to 400° Fahrenheit (205° Celsius.) The Tiger Paw is rotated over the non-stick surface in a circular fashion 2000 times, changing direction every 100 rotations. After completion of the test, the coating is examined for any fraying, blistering, or penetration to bare metal. Please watch the video to see the Tiger Paw in action.

Hot Oil Tiger Paw (Manual)

Hot Oil Tiger Paw (Manual)

Advantages Of This Test

  1. Very good test of scratch resistance at elevated temperature
  2. Good degree of “real world” applicability
  3. Fair proxy for “metal utensil” use

Disadvantages Of This Test

  1. Handheld nature of test is subjective
  2. Pen tips may introduce variability of results
  3. Consumers aren’t generally aware of the Tiger Paw