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GMM Protects The Environment

Every product that GMM makes is totally safe for food contact, and poses no danger whatsoever to human health. Even in cases where particles of coatings are scraped off cookware and ingested by a person, there will be no adverse affects.

GMM is a thought leader in the industry regarding innovations to make nonstick coatings more and more eco-friendly.

Educational Resources

GMM is committed to educating our clients about the products we use, and the debates that are going on in the industry.

Learn about PTFE and other fluoropolymers, which form the heart of most non-stick coatings:

To get information about PFOA, and the safety of nonstick coatings:

To get information on FDA Section 21CFR 175.300, the regulation that any food contact coating must pass:

To visit the Cookware Manufacturers Association (GMM is a member):

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