Accelerated Cook Test

The GMM Accelerated Cook Test attempts to try and replicate the wear and tear of normal cooking, but in a heightened fashion. A single cycle of this test involves cooking beef patties, frying eggs, and then manually rotating the Tiger Paw device in the pan while filled with salty tomato sauce.

GMM technicians monitor the degradation of the coating caused by each cycle, and pans are considered a “failure” when the metal substrate becomes exposed.

Though this test involves some subjectivity, GMM continues to utilize it because of its “real world kitchen” similarity.

Please watch the first video, which shows a tiger paw rotation in tomato sauce, and the second video, which shows meat, oil, and salt in cycle testing.

GMM - Accelerated Cook Test

GMM - Accelerated Cook Test

Advantages Of This Test

  1. Great combination of abrasion testing and actual cooking
  2. Tests both scratch resistance and food release
  3. Test is very “real world”

Disadvantages Of This Test

  1. Hand-held Tiger Paw is subjective
  2. Test is very cumbersome to conduct
  3. Cannot be easily conducted on electrical appliances