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GMM Introduces DURASLATE For Small Electrical Appliances

Aug 26, 2010


GMM Development Limited today announced that their flagship 2-coat cookware system DURASLATE has been specially reformulated with increased corrosion resistance for use on small electrical appliances.

Many coatings companies claim to have high-performing coatings for electrical appliances, however in most cases their technology is limited to food release only. Over time, the main problem faced by electrical appliance nonstick coatings is corrosion caused by salty water and acidic spices.

GMM has designed DURASLATE to be specially resistant to corrosion in the kitchen environment. This resistance is provided by special matrix like technology that prevents fluids from getting underneath the coating surface.

Click here to see a video of this matrix technology in action.

According to Austin Li, Sales and Technical Service Manager of GMM, "DURASLATE is quickly becoming the nonstick coating of choice for griddles, woks, sandwich makers, waffle irons, and any other cooking device that needs to be plugged in."

GMM Development Limited, headquartered in China, has grown tremendously over the last 2 years, recently opening a facility in India.

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