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GMM Introduces “Color Changing” Coating Technology To Housewares Industry

May 27, 2010


GMM Development Limited announced today that they have introduced cutting edge coatings technology that changes color depending upon the presence of heat. These 2-coat systems are very attractive, and also highly functional.

At room temperature, the coating will be one color, but as soon as the temperature of the coated product reaches 75 degrees C, the coating will begin to change to a totally different second color. Once the product returns to room temperature, the coating will quickly change back to the original shade.

GMM intends this product for metal handles of cookware, so that consumers will know when the handles are hot. Another potential application is on the metal face of electrical appliances that get hot which could potentially burn users. Click here to see a video of this exciting effect.

The maximum operating temperature for these systems is 160 degrees C. According to Jignesh Patel, Lab Manager of GMM "Our technical team has come up with a novel product that will help our clients differentiate themselves in a very competitive market."

GMM Development Limited, headquarted in China, has grown tremendously over the last 2 years, recently opening a facility in India.

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