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GMM Introduces Coatings For Tea Kettle Exteriors

Oct 9, 2010


GMM Development Limited today announced a new line of specialty exterior coatings that are specifically designed to replace porcelain on the exterior of stainless steel tea kettles.

These coatings are available in most colors, and are extremely glossy and attractive. However, the key feature of these coatings is their very high heat resistance which ensures many years of use without any fading or discoloration.

According to Denise Lynch, GMM's USA Sales and Marketing Manager "Our research indicates that consumers do not care whether a tea kettle has porcelain on the exterior--what they really want is a nice bright color. GMM's new tea kettle coatings look virtually the same as porcelain, but can be produced for a fraction of the cost. In this tough environment, we are focused on helping clients reduce their costs while increasing quality."

Click here to see technical details of GMM Tea Kettle Coatings.

GMM Development Limited, headquartered in China, has grown tremendously over the last 2 years, recently opening a facility in India.

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