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GMM Introduces “3D” Coatings And “Optical Shifting” Coatings

Sep 15, 2010


GMM Development Limited announced two exciting developments in coatings for consumer cookware handles.

The first product release is a "3D" coating, which utilizes proprietary magnetic ion technology to create the illusion of 3-Dimensional depth in a thin film. The resulting effect is very attractive, and a breakthrough in the coatings industry. This 3D effect greatly enhances the appearance of a standard handle to consumers, and is available in any color.

The second product is an "optical shifting" coating, which makes coated handles appear to be different colors depending on the precise angle of viewing. This dazzling effect is very consumer friendly, and is available in any color.

Click here to see photos and information on 3D and Optical Shifting coatings

GMM prides itself on making new innovations in the housewares industry, in order to help our clients differentiate themselves.

GMM Development Limited, headquartered in China, has grown tremendously over the last 2 years, recently opening a facility in India.

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