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Jul 1, 2010


GMM Development Limited announced today that its highest quality nonstick coating DURAMAX is now commercially available without PFOA.

PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid or C8) is a fluorosurfactant that was, for decades, used as a small component within the manufacturing process of PTFE. PTFE forms the main basis for most nonstick coatings. PFOA never remains in the final cured film of any nonstick coating because it is fully incinerated through the standard baking process used for product curing.

Nonetheless, PFOA has in recent years received a tremendous amount of negative publicity, and as a result is slowly being phased out of all PTFE manufacturing. By using DURAMAX without PFOA, clients have the choice to avoid any residual bad publicity associated with this issue.

DURAMAX in its standard form of "low-PFOA" is still available to all clients.

GMM is proud of the fact that using nonstick coatings is, and always has been, totally safe for the billions of people who have enjoyed it with no health concerns whatsoever. Click here to learn more about DURAMAX.

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