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GMM Announces “Non-Stick Coatings 101” Training For Clients

Nov 9, 2010


GMM Development Limited today announced a new technical training program for clients called "Non-Stick Coatings 101." This training will be periodically conducted over a 2 day session at GMM's main facility in Zhuhai, China. Subjects covered during training will be:

1. What are the components of nonstick coatings?

2. Application methods;

3. Common problems and typical solutions;

4. Storage, handling, and shelf life issues;

5. Updates on new innovations from GMM;

According to Raymond Chung, Co-Founder and General Manager of GMM "It is very important for us to continually train our clients as to the technical details of nonstick coatings because technology is continually changing. This new program will be intensive, informative, and fun for our clients."

In special cases, GMM staff will conduct this specialized training directly in the client facility.

In 2011, "Non-Stick Coatings 101" will only be offered in China, but will eventually be expanded to clients in other countries.

For more information, please email [email protected] .