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GMM Announces Launch Of DURAMAX

Mar 12, 2010


GMM Development Limited announced the release of DURAMAX to the cookware industry. DURAMAX is a breakthrough in combining nonstick coatings technology with nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the science of controlling matter on an atomic and molecular scale, and has been used to create breakthroughs in medicine, energy production, and electronics.

Typical high end nonstick coatings consist of a primer, midcoat, and topcoat. However, as time goes on these 3 individual layers are scraped off by the wear and tear of daily cooking, particularly when metal utensils are used. GMM research chemists were able to harness the power of nanotechnology to increase the way the 3 layers of a coating bond with each other, forming a tremendously hard chemical bond at the atomic level and resulting in an “order of magnitude” performance increase over other nonstick systems measured on standardized industry tests.

According to Raymond Chung, co-founder of GMM, “For the last 10 years nonstick durability has improved by putting harder and harder reinforcing materials into the coating. The problem is that these very hard materials like titanium, tungsten, and even diamond are suspended in resins that are relatively soft. Nanotechnology solves this problem by allowing the resins and the reinforcements to bond chemically, resulting in DURAMAX’s ultra-hard and super slippery surface.” DURAMAX is now available worldwide.

GMM Development Limited, headquartered in China, has grown tremendously over the last 2 years, recently opening a facility in India.

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