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GMM Announces Key Personnel Hires

Dec 17, 2013


GMM Nonstick Coatings is proud to announce key personnel hires that have been made recently.

On the technical side, GMM India has hired Dr. Kalpesh Patel and Dr. Ankur Darji as R&D Chemists in their nonstick coatings laboratory. Dr. Patel has a Doctorate in Materials Science, and specializes in the synthesis of nanoparticles with various sol-gel ceramic methods. Dr. Darji also has a PhD in Materials Science, and specializes in unique combinations of organic and inorganic technology. Both gentlemen will work closely with GMM China’s laboratory as they travel frequently within Asia.

GMM China has hired Lucia Yuliawati as a Research Chemist. Lucia comes to GMM with deep knowledge of nonstick coatings from her previous career at PT Weilburger Coatings in Surabaya, Indonesia. On the sales side, GMM China has hired Chris Han as Sales Manager. Chris will focus on clients in South China, and has deep experience with consumer clients such as Samsung.

According to Ravin Gandhi, Co-Founder of GMM “Finding great people is hard work, but we have been very lucky this year. I am thrilled that our team continues to grow as our business grows, and I anticipate many more key hires in 2014."

GMM Nonstick Coatings has grown tremendously over the past 3 years, and operates facilities in China and India. Our products are sold and used on every continent.

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