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GMM Announces Breakthrough On DURACERAM Ceramic Coating

Jun 9, 2011


GMM Development Limited today announced a technical breakthrough on DURACERAM, the company's flagship ceramic coating, resulting in a tremendous increase in food release properties.

Ceramic coatings have grown tremendously in popularity over the past 4 years due to their high durability and lack of fluoropolymer usage. However, the functional problem with ceramics is their nonstick properties have been terrible compared to typical release coatings applied on cookware, bakeware, and electrics.

According to Raymond Chung, co-founder of GMM "For the first time, the GMM lab has created a ceramic nonstick that can truly compete 'head to head' with a typical nonstick. This is a real game changer because ceramics are getting more and more popular as a 'green technology'. With our breakthroughs in DURACERAM, we may be seeing the beginning of the end of fluoropolymer coatings in the housewares market."

To see more information about DURACERAM, CLICK HERE.

Initially, DURACERAM will be used in the high end electric appliance market, followed by the midrange cookware market.

To get a sample of DURACERAM, please contact your GMM sales representative.

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