Scotch Brite Abrasion

The GMM Scotch-Brite Abrasion Test Machine measures a coatings resistance to constant scrubbing with a standard abrasive scouring pad. The vertical load on the scouring pad is set at 10 pounds (4.54 kg), and the scouring pad is changed every 10,000 strokes. GMM technicians document the number of cycles that are required to scrape the coating down to bare metal in order to gauge the abrasion resistance of the non-stick system.The presence of bare metal on the abraded wear track is detected by GMM technicians by placing chemicals on the pan that react with metal. In this way, even flaws that are not detectable to the naked eye are accounted for. Please watch VIDEO#1 (which shows the machines in action), and VIDEO#2 (which shows testing of a wear track) which are at left.


  1. Scotch Brite pads are very commonly used to clean pans that have food residue stuck to them.
  2. Test is mechanized and non-subjective
  3. Can easily be modified with a heated substrate to increase “real world” performance
  4. Can be modified with soapy water to test corrosion resistance


  1. Not applicable to ceramic coatings, because sharp ceramic particles get lodged in the pad during use
  2. Does not test coating hardness
  3. Does not test resistance to metal utensils