GMM History

CCC: The Beginning

1994: Raymond Chung joins Coatings and Chemicals Corporation (CCC) as an independent sales agent for the China nonstick coatings market. CCC was a family business headquartered in Chicago that was partially owned by Ravin.

Raymond and Ravin at CCC’s booth at the ChinaCoat 1996 Show

Raymond and Ravin in Thailand in 1998, visiting a key Asian client

1996: Ravin relocates to Hong Kong to help jumpstart CCC’s sales operation in Asia. Ravin and Raymond closely focus on the entire Asian market at a time when many American companies had begun to shift manufacturing overseas.

1998: CCC assumes a tremendous leadership position in the global nonstick coatings market, supplying the largest companies in the industry. Ravin becomes head of Global Marketing for CCC.

Company Sold: Akzo Nobel Purchases CCC

2001: Ravin executes a deal with Akzo Nobel, the largest coatings company in the world, resulting in the acquisition of CCC. The merged entity, called Akzo Nobel Nonstick Coatings, had facilities in 5 countries (USA, Italy, India, Brazil, China).

2001: Ravin named President of Akzo Nobel Nonstick Coatings. Raymond continues as sales agent for Akzo Nobel.

2002: Ravin leaves Akzo Nobel to pursue other business ventures.

2007: Raymond leaves Akzo Nobel to start a local coatings company called Multi-Mix Marketing.

2007: Ravin’s noncompete with Akzo Nobel expires. Ravin contacts Raymond to discuss a possible business venture.

Raymond (left) and Ravin (2nd from left), along with Akzo Nobel executives at the Akzo Nobel Nonstick Coatings facility in China (2001)

India facility, 2011

GMM Nonstick Begins

2007: Ravin purchases Multi-Mix Marketing, and GMM is formally launched. The name GMM was chosen because the “G” stands for “Gandhi”, and the “MM” stands for “Multi-Mix”.

2008: Over 30 former employees of CCC and Akzo Nobel join GMM, and the company starts securing many clients.

2009: GMM employs over 200 people

2011: GMM launches a facility in India, employing 30 people initially

2016: GMM is one of the world's largest suppliers of nonstick coatings. Every day over 40M people in 15 countries use GMM coatings in their kitchens on the most iconic consumer brands

2017:GMM Nonstick Coatings acquired by SDK, a $7B Japanese conglomerate. Founders Ravin Gandhi and Raymond Chung will remain with the business, with Ravin Gandhi as CEO.

Raymond and Ravin in India, 2012

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