Single Coat Systems - Bakeware

GMM offers a wide range of single coat systems for bakeware.  Typically, single coat systems are used on entry and mid-level bakeware, which is designed to be replaced after two or three years of regular consumer use.

Please watch the short video (at left) that depicts how single coat systems are sprayed onto metal substrates, and then cured in a production oven.

Single coat systems typically cannot provide superior consumer performance because these products have only one layer comprising the entire system.  With only a single layer responsible for both adhering to the bakeware, and providing food release, it is not possible to optimize either attribute.

Single coat bakeware systems use silicone based technology, and are solvent based.



For the last 10 years, a key way that the durability of 1-coat bakeware coatings is enhanced is by utilizing “internally reinforcing” technology.  An internal reinforcement is a very small, very hard particle that is added to the coating.  These tiny reinforcements (titanium, tungsten, aluminum oxide, diamond) can help absorb the impact of metal utensils during cooking to a limited degree.