DURASLATE® is the highest quality 2-coat nonstick system that GMM offers. DURASLATE® is internally reinforced in a very special manner, using "matrix technology".


“Standard” Internally Reinforced two coat non-stick systems are composed of a primer and topcoat layer. The main problem, however, is that no internal structure “binds” these 2 individual layers together. Therefore, even though these systems are referred to as “reinforced,” it is still relatively easy to “wear off” the topcoat layer through normal cooking and cleaning regiments, which results in a drastic decrease in food release and abrasion resistance properties. Click on the video clip below for a visual example of this "layering" problem.


DURASLATE® is a highly engineered 2-coat system designed for high end cookware and electrical appliances. DURASLATE® outperforms any other 2-coat system because of a special interlocking matrix of reinforcements that "binds" the primer and topcoat together. This matrix allows the topcoat to virtually fuse into the primer, resulting in a far higher degree of durability and food release. Click on the video clip below to see how GMM's proprietary technology binds the primer and topcoat together.

DURASLATE® can easily fit into the production budget of most medium and high end cookware companies.  DURASLATE® is also now available in a 3-coat version, using matrix technology.